Technotes for future me



virsh list                # List running
virsh list --all          # List all

Control instances

virsh start <instance>
virsh shutdown <instance>
virsh destroy <instance>
virsh suspend <instance>
virsh resume <instance>

virsh console <instance>

Define instances

virsh dumpxml <instance> >dump.xml
virsh create dump.xml   # Create from XML
virsh edit <instance>
virsh undefine <instance>

virsh blockresize <instance> --path vda --size 100G

virsh dominfo
virsh vcpuinfo
virsh nodeinfo

virsh quit   # Leave CLI

Check CPU Features

Especially important to have pcid CPU flag present in guests

virsh capabilities | grep feature


Last updated on 31 Jan 2021
Published on 25 Dec 2019
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