Technotes for future me

Varnish Cheat sheet

Show most requested URLs from backend

varnishtop -i BereqURL

Check user agent

varnishlog -q 'BereqURL ~ "^/test/blaataap/"

List of all variables such as client.ip

Show nuked items

Elements that have been removed from cache due to lack of memory.

varnishstat -1 -f MAIN.n_lru_nuked


Varnishhist shows a histogram of the requests currently being served by Varnish: the more to the left they are shown, the faster they have been served. These are generally more cache hits, as they’re served the fastest.

The more items to the right, the slower each request is.

A pipe sign | is a cache hit, a hashtag # is a cache miss (can also be a cache miss on purpose, if the VCL code says return (pass);).

varnishhist is a good quick glance to see if Varnish is caching anything and if so, what the overal ratio is: lots of cache hits or misses. But beyond that, the tool probably won’t tell you that much.

Last updated on 31 Jan 2021
Published on 24 Mar 2020
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