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Important: ALWAYS think about wether you want trailing / chars!

rsync -avz  src dest           # content of ./src/ transferred to ./dest/
rsync -avz  src dest/          # content of ./src/ transferred to ./dest/src/

Copying to remote servers

rsync -avz -e "ssh -l <user>" <src> <user>@<server>:<target>

Test with dry-run first!

rsync --dry-run <...>

Filtering files

By pattern

rsync <...> --filter="- *.bak" <src> <target>         # Exclude .bak fukes

By include/exclude/explicit list

rsync <...> --exclude-from=<exclude list file> <...>
rsync <...> --include-from=<include list file> <...>
rsync <...> --files-from=<explicit list file>   <...>

Fast delete with rsync

Rsync can delete much much faster than find:

rsync -a --delete dir_to_empty/ <any_empty_dir>

Managing bandwith

--bwlimit=100     # 100kB/s on average
Last updated on 31 Jan 2021
Published on 25 Dec 2019
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