Technotes for future me

Unfork a repo on GitHub

Sometimes a repository on GitHub started off as a fork. If you want to break that connection, see below.

Rename your repository on GitHub

  1. Go to the repository on GitHub, find the Settings page and rename your repository. (Don’t worry, you’ll get to keep the original name.)

  2. Rename your repository on Github

This renamed repository is still marked as a fork!

Import the repository

  1. Get the link to clone the repository you just renamed and enter it.

Provide the https link, the SSH one won’t work!

  1. For the name, enter the original/new name of your repository.

After a while the “new” repository will be ready. If there is an e-mail address linked to that GitHub account, an e-mail will also notify you of success.

Enjoy your unforked repository

The git history is still there. 👍

The locally cloned project does not have to be touched. Pushing a change should work without intervention, since the remote url is the same as before.

Since this is technically a brand new repository, some things (specific to the GitHub web UI) were lost. For example: pull requests, a description, the provided website url.


Last updated on 3 Oct 2022
Published on 3 Oct 2022
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