Technotes for future me


Add repo

helm repo add harbor

Update repo

helm repo update

List all charts in repo

helm search repo harbor -l

Show values

helm show values
helm show values harbor/harbor --version v1.6.1


For instructions check here

helm init
helm repo update

To get access to unstable charts

helm repo add incubator

For Openshift there is an RBAC compatible installation proceduce.

Setup Troubleshooting

helm init --client-only                      # (Helm 2.x only) do not initialize tiller
helm init --upgrade --service-account tiller # (Helm 2.x only) ensure to sync client/server versions
helm version       # Client/server versions should be equal

List available packages

To list charts (packages)

helm search

List installed releases

helm list

Install package

Helm 2

helm install <chart> [--namespace <ns>]         # Choose release name for you
helm install --name <name> <chart>              # Install chart as release <name>

helm install ./<chart dir> --namespace <ns>     # Install from local archive

Helm 3

helm install <name> <chart> [--namespace <ns>]  # Per-default you need to provide a release name
helm install -g <chart>     [--namespace <ns>]  # Helm 2 like generated release name

Working with plugins

helm plugin list
helm plugin install <plugin URL>

Creating chart packages

helm create mychart                                    # Create boilerplate

helm install mychart-0.1.0.tgz --dry-run --debug       # Test installing


Last updated on 21 May 2021
Published on 25 Dec 2019
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