Technotes for future me


Ansible snippets


ansible-playbook <YAML>                   # Run on all hosts defined
ansible-playbook <YAML> -f 10             # Run 10 hosts parallel
ansible-playbook <YAML> --verbose         # Verbose on successful tasks
ansible-playbook <YAML> -C                # Test run
ansible-playbook <YAML> -C -D             # Dry run
ansible-playbook <YAML> -l <host>         # Run on single host

Run Infos

ansible-playbook <YAML> --list-hosts
ansible-playbook <YAML> --list-tasks

Syntax Check

ansible-playbook --syntax-check <YAML>

Remote Execution

ansible all -m ping

Execute arbitrary commands

ansible <hostgroup> -a <command>
ansible all -a "ifconfig -a"


List facts and state of a host

ansible <host> -m setup                            # All facts for one host
ansible <host> -m setup -a 'filter=ansible_eth*'   # Only ansible fact for one host
ansible all -m setup -a 'filter=facter_*'          # Only facter facts but for all hosts

Save facts to per-host files in /tmp/facts

ansible all -m setup --tree /tmp/facts
Last updated on 25 Dec 2019
Published on 11 Dec 2019
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